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You Are The Reason Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
Walking With You Trevor Ranger
Spirit Of Power Trevor Ranger
Shout It Out Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
Peace! Peace! Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
May Your Kingdom Come Trevor Ranger
Hold On! Trevor Ranger
Give Thanks To The Lord Trevor Ranger
Child Of God Trevor Ranger
Oh Wow!
(Awesome God)
Pete James, Harvey Jessop
No Rules, No Limits Damian Herbert, Hilary Sanders
God Suit On Pete James, Harvey Jessop
Coming Alive
(Fruit Of The Spirit)
Pete James, Harvey Jessop, David Walker
Treasure Becky Frith
Every Step Nick Drake, Becky Drake
Just You And Me Trevor Ranger
Every Eye Is On You Nick Drake, Becky Drake
Bright Ones Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Bobby Strand
Everything And Everyone Made New Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Blowing Wind And Tongues Of Flame
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
The Clip-Clop Beat
(Palm Sunday)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
One Friend, Two Friends, Three Friends, Four Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Waiting In Line
(We Want To See Jesus)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Little Man Up In The Tree
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
It Begins In Bethlehem
(The Shepherds)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
The Baby In The Basket
(Hushabye Baby)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
A Snake In The Grass
(The Fall)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
It's All Good
(Beautiful World)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Blessed Is The King Who Comes Ishmael
Send Us On Becky Drake
Lord's Prayer Luke Aylen
Lost & Found Trevor Ranger
It's A New Day Cathy Burton
Give, Give, Give Becky Frith
Stand Up Doug Horley
Together We Can Change The World Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger, Luke Aylen
Ready To Go Luke Aylen
Alive Aodhan King, Alexander Pappas
Big, Big God Jonny Hirst, Geraldine Latty
Holy Spirit Chris Jackson
A Song For Jesus Becky Drake
Wake Up Steve Morgan-Gurr
The Angels Knew Nick Drake, Becky Drake, Dan Weeks
Sign Your Cross Nick Drake, Becky Drake, Dave Plumb
God Be Glorified Nick Drake, Becky Drake
God Is Love Nick Drake, Becky Drake
City On A Hill Nick Drake, Becky Drake
What A Friend We Have In Jesus Pete James
Help Us To Be Brave Doug Horley
One For All Ben Kinslow, Abby Kinslow