Featured Songs

We think these are pretty fab...

God's Love Is Big Simon Parry
Great Big God Jo Hemming, Nigel Hemming
Jesus Doesn't Live In A Caravan Various
Higher, Our God Is Higher Abby Kinslow, Ben Kinslow
There's A Rainbow In The Sky Doug Horley, Mark Read
Have A Little Faith Doug Horley, Mark Read
Animal Alphabet Song Doug Horley, Mark Read
It Rained Doug Horley, Mark Read
Methuselah's Downfall Doug Horley, Mark Read, Thomas Frith
The Elephants Are Coming Doug Horley, Mark Read
An Ark In The Garden's Not Funny Doug Horley, Mark Read
I Believe Doug Horley, Mark Read
All Or Nothing Doug Horley, Mark Read
Build An Ark Doug Horley, Mark Read
The Grumpy Song Doug Horley, Mark Read
Come On Board Doug Horley, Mark Read
The Forecast May Not Be Too Good It Seems Doug Horley, Mark Read
Talk To Jesus Pete James
When You're Feeling Down Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
We Love You So Paul Field
Thumbs Up Ralph Chambers, Paul Field
This Is God's World Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
The Wiggly Waggly Song Paul Field
The Vegetable Song Paul Field
The Trouble Paul Field
Talk To The Saviour Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
Special Paul Field
Roll The Stone Away Paul Field
Password Paul Field
Only Jesus Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
My Guiding Light Paul Field
Millions Of People Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
Fit For Life Paul Field
Faith Paul Field
Don't Be A Woolly Head Paul Field
Count To Ten Paul Field
Can You Count The Stars Paul Field
Alphabet Song Paul Field
All You Have To Do Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
All The Same Paul Field
All Day Long Paul Field
Spirit Of God Stuart Barbour
You Rose Again Trevor Ranger
Hero Of The World Damian Herbert
The Way That You See Steve Squires
Thank You For Listening Pete Kernthaler, Steve Squires
Jesus Loves Me Pete James
My Heart Is Singing Loud Pete James