Songs by Theme: Bible Stories

Bible Stories

A Mean Meanie Man Alex Legg
A Snake In The Grass
(The Fall)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Ace Foundations Dave Godfrey
All Or Nothing Doug Horley, Mark Read
All Through History Becky Drake
An Ark In The Garden's Not Funny Doug Horley, Mark Read
Animal Alphabet Song Doug Horley, Mark Read
Bible J Darren Bullen
Blowing Wind And Tongues Of Flame
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Brother Joe Dave Godfrey
Build An Ark Doug Horley, Mark Read
Come On Board Doug Horley, Mark Read
David's Song Simon Goodall
Don't stop, fill every pot Dave Cooke
Faith To Win Dave Cooke
Fisherman Song Alex Legg
Five Loaves And Two Small Fish Garth Hewitt
Five Thousand Men Dave Godfrey
Get Lost, Little Brother Dave Cooke
God Hears Ishmael
Good, Better, Best Dave Cooke
Good Samaritan Alex Legg
Have A Little Faith Doug Horley, Mark Read
Hi-5 Doug Horley
I Believe Doug Horley, Mark Read
I Don't Want To Dave Cooke
I Know Dave Godfrey
I May Be Little Dave Cooke
I Will Not Be Afraid Nick Harding
I'll Pray Anyway Dave Cooke
It Begins In Bethlehem
(The Shepherds)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
It Rained Doug Horley, Mark Read
It's All Good
(Beautiful World)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Listen Alex Legg
Little Man Up In The Tree
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Little Zac Trevor Ranger
Long Ago In Bethlehem Alex Legg
Methuselah's Downfall Doug Horley, Mark Read, Thomas Frith
Mighty Warrior Dave Godfrey
More Than Beautiful Dave Cooke
Mud On My Eyes Garth Hewitt
My Brother Alex Legg
Nobody Knew But God Dave Cooke
Now I See Dave Cooke
One Friend, Two Friends, Three Friends, Four Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Out On A Limb Dave Cooke
Peter's Song David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Rise & Shine (Arky Arky)
Roll The Stone Away Paul Field
Running To Me Steve Morgan-Gurr
Seed Song (Rocky Wocky Song) Alex Legg
The Arky, Arky Song (Rise And Shine) Trad/E J Hume
The Baby In The Basket
(Hushabye Baby)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
The Elephants Are Coming Doug Horley, Mark Read
The Forecast May Not Be Too Good It Seems Doug Horley, Mark Read
The Grumpy Song Doug Horley, Mark Read
The Wall That Did Not Fall Dave Cooke
The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock Unknown
There's A Rainbow In The Sky Doug Horley, Mark Read
Two By Two Dave Cooke
Waiting In Line
(We Want To See Jesus)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Who Needs A Boat Dave Cooke
With God Anything Is Possible Dave Cooke
Yo Ho Ho Reuben Lyons
You Are My Son Dave Godfrey
Zacchaeus Was A Very Little Man Anon