Songs by Theme: Action Song

Action Song

Amazing Dave Godfrey
Be Happy!
(I'm Gonna Jump Up And Down)
Doug Horley
C L A P Clap My Hands David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Come On And Sing With Me Tim Pettingale, Ems Hancock
Father Abraham Unknown
Fit For Life Paul Field
I Am Walking Chris Kipling
I Can Clap My Hands Steve Morgan-Gurr
I Reach Up High Judy Bailey
I'm So Small Andy Gray
Jump For Jesus Yvonne Scott
Okey Dokey! Doug Horley
Sing, Sing, Sing Peter Martin
Tell Me Martin Dodd
Thank You, God, For Making Me Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
We Must Stand Up Ishmael
Wobble Your Knees Olivia Johnson