Songs by Scripture: Philippians


Phil 2:5 I Want To Be Like Jesus Matt Weeks, Simon Parry
Phil 2:5-7 For The Pleasure Of The King Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
Phil 2:8 Messiah Nick Harding
Phil 2:8 Now I Know Nick Harding
Phil 2:8 Thank You For Listening Pete Kernthaler, Steve Squires
Phil 2:8-9 Heaven's No 1 Dave Godfrey
Phil 2:9 Let's Praise God Together Alison Moon
Phil 2:9 Lift You High Richard Gooding, David Gooding, Claire Nicholls, Jonathan Dean
Phil 2:9 Our God Is Stronger Pete James
Phil 2:9-10 The Promise Dave Godfrey
Phil 2:10-11 An Audience Of One Dave Godfrey
Phil 2:10-11 At The Name Of Jesus John Hardwick
Phil 2:10-11 Missed The Mark Jim Bailey
Phil 2:13 God's Not Finished With Me Yet Doug Horley
Phil 2:15 I Am His Child Becky Drake
Phil 2:15 Joy In The House Dave Godfrey
Phil 2:15 Shine Doug Horley
Phil 2:15 Shine Like Stars Damian Herbert
Phil 2:15 Shining Like Stars Trevor Ranger
Phil 2:18 A Good Man Named Paul Alex Legg
Phil 3:14 Pressing On Doug Horley
Phil 4:7 Celebrate God Damian Herbert
Phil 4:7 How Nick Harding
Phil 4:7 I Just Thank God Ishmael
Phil 4:7 I Love You Doug Horley
Phil 4:7 Oh, The Peace Ishmael
Phil 4:7 Thank You For Listening Pete Kernthaler, Steve Squires
Phil 4:8 Whatever Trevor Ranger