Songs by Scripture: Jeremiah


Jer 3:22 You Are The Lord Nick Harding
Jer 5:24 Growing, Growing John Hardwick
Jer 10:1-8 The Scarecrow And The King Dave Godfrey
Jer 13:16 If We Confess Trevor Ranger
Jer 16:32 Nothing Is Impossible For God Jon Bonner
Jer 18:6 You Are The Potter David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Jer 29:11 Bless Tim Pettingale, Ems Hancock
Jer 29:11 God Has Got A Plan Nick Harding
Jer 29:11 God's Perfect Plan David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Jer 29:11 I Cannot Climb Like A Chimpanzee Ishmael
Jer 29:11-13 A Very Special Life Nick Harding
Jer 31:3 Our God's Generous Becky Drake, Nick Drake
Jer 31:4 Dependence Day Dave Godfrey
Jer 31:7-13 Together As One Trevor Ranger
Jer 33:3 Prayer Phone Dave Godfrey
Jer 33:11 Get Up On Your Feet Stuart Barbour
Jer 33:11 Let Me Explain Caroline Brader