Songs by Scripture: Acts


Acts 2:1-41 Blowing Wind And Tongues Of Flame
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Acts 2:1-41 On The Day Of Pentecost Dave Godfrey
Acts 2:21 Use Me! Take Me! Trevor Ranger
Acts 2:37-39 When Peter Preached Dave Godfrey
Acts 10:36 Password Paul Field
Acts 10:36 S W A T March Sammy Horner
Acts 10:37 Have Fun Jon Bonner
Acts 10:37 More Than Just A Friend Trevor Ranger
Acts 10:40 On The Third Day Becky Drake, Nick Drake
Acts 12:7 God Delivers
(I'm Free)
Acts 13:26 Stop, Look And Listen David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Acts 16:22 All You Have To Do Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
Acts 18:28 What Kind Of Man Is This Dave Godfrey
Acts 20:28 Disciples Of Jesus Ishmael