Songs by Album: Spring Harvest Pre-School Praise Boxset 2

Spring Harvest Pre-School Praise Boxset 2

Always With Me Becky Drake
Bless Tim Pettingale, Ems Hancock
Don't Worry, Don't Panic Jon Bonner
Faith Becky Drake
Help Us Lord, Be More Like You Jon Bonner
I Am His Child Becky Drake
I Can Clap My Hands Steve Morgan-Gurr
I Will Praise The Lord Simon Parry
Read All About It Steve Morgan-Gurr
Rhythm Inside Mark Vallance, Damian Herbert
Sink Or Swim Jon Bonner
So I Will Shout Tim Pettingale, Ems Hancock
So Much Fun
(I Will Stomp)
Damian Herbert
Step Out Laura Barratt, Sarah Wolton
That's How Big God Is Steve Morgan-Gurr
The 12 Apostles Song Ishmael
The Hands Go Round Steve Morgan-Gurr
We're Gonna Clap Our Hands Chris Kipling
When The Morning Comes Becky Drake
Your Word Dave Godfrey
God You're So Cool Simon Parry
Wide, Wide As The Ocean C Austin Miles
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Five Thousand Men Dave Godfrey
The Sorry Song Ian Smale
The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock Unknown
Child Of God Steve Abley
Up Times, Down Times Mark Johnson, Helen Johnson
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know Anna Bartlett Warner
Rise & Shine (Arky Arky)
How Wide Can Your Smile Be? Doug Horley
Father God, I Wonder Ian Smale
Jesus Is My Friend