Songs by Album: 99+1


Be Strong And Put On
(The Armour Of God)
Dave Cooke
Boing Dave Godfrey
Stand Firm Trevor Ranger
Let The Son Shine Trevor Ranger
For God So Loved Steve Morgan-Gurr
Sometimes I Feel Frightened Martin Dodd
He Is The One Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
Jesus Loves Me Tim Oliver, Jenny Legg
No One Higher Trevor Ranger
Hello, Welcome Andy Pickford
Enjoy John Hardwick
My All Trevor Ranger
Let The Little Children John Hardwick
Closer To You Andy Pickford
Joy In The House Dave Godfrey
God Is There Nick Harding
The Lord's Prayer Jenny Legg
I Give You My Voice Trevor Ranger
Show Me Your Ways David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Guide Me Peter Martin, Amy Martin
Do You Know John Hardwick
Little Zac Trevor Ranger
I Love Ya Dave Godfrey
New Generation John Hardwick
Stand Up, Stand Up And Praise The Lord David Mudie, Paul Crouch
With Psalms And Hymns Steve Morgan-Gurr
Out Of His Way John Hardwick
Fisherman Song Alex Legg
Monday Tuesday David Mudie, Paul Crouch
God's Love Will Never End Nick Harding
A Time For Everything Dave Godfrey
Every Second Trevor Ranger
God Is As Good As His Word Mike Burn
Superhero Dave Godfrey
He's A Rock John Hardwick
You Didn't Wait Trevor Ranger
Heaven's No 1 Dave Godfrey
Be Kind And Compassionate John Hardwick
I'm So Small Andy Gray
Get Into The Word Mike Burn
Anyway Trevor Ranger
He Loves To Hear Us John Hardwick
God's Perfect Plan David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Those Who Put Their Hope In The Lord John Hardwick
I Will Proclaim Dave Godfrey
Gentle Hands John Hardwick
God Is Good, God Is Great Alan Price
Love = Action John Hardwick
The Toybox Song
(All Are Welcome)
John Hardwick
Declare It John Hardwick
Jesus, We Dance For Joy Nick Parrans-Smith, Trish Parrans-Smith
Jesus, Jesus, How You Love Me Neil Davidson
Everyone Is Special Martin Dodd
We Are Here, Waiting Alan Price
What A Great Day Martin Dodd
Tell Me Martin Dodd
La La La La La (Jesus Is Our King) Alan Price
Nothing To Stop You Trevor Ranger
I Am So Glad Alan Price
Every Good And Perfect Gift Alex Legg
Subject Of Love Trevor Ranger
Lord You Know Me Well Trevor Ranger
A Good Man Named Paul Alex Legg
Jesus Is Here Alan Price
Come Let Us Sing Steve Morgan-Gurr
All Fired Up Alan Price
Stop, Look And Listen Steve Morgan-Gurr
Heads And Shoulders Praise Song Alan Price
Praise The Lord (Psalm 150) Paul Field
Now Is The Time Alan Price
We're Meeting With Jesus Alan Price
Not To Us (Psalm 115) Paul Field
Lead Me On Lord Mike Burn, Dave Bankhead
Hold On (Psalm 40) Paul Field
It's Good To Make Melody Steve Morgan-Gurr
Anytime, Anywhere John Hardwick
If You're A Hearer Of The Word But Not A Doer Chris Juby
Isn't It Brilliant Alan Price
Gentle Hands Joy Howell
Jesus, It's Amazing Alan Price
The Christian Conga Alan Price
Pray, Pray
(Never Give Up)
John Hardwick
Building Alan Price
We Praise God Alan Price
We're Going To Praise The Lord Alan Price
I'm Enthusiastic Alan Price
Isn't It Good Alan Price
New Creation John Hardwick
It's An Adventure Alan Price
Life Is Like A Big Wide Ocean Alan Price
Lord, Forgive Us Alan Price
Now I Belong To Jesus Alan Price
Here I Am, Ready To Go Alan Price
Shine, Shine, Shine Alan Price
Get On Board (Kingdom Train) Alan Price
Salt For Jesus Alan Price
There, On A Cruel Cross Alan Price
When The Time Is Right Alan Price
Christmas, It's Christmas Alan Price
Jesus Touch Me Now Alan Price