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10 Rules, 1 God Dave Godfrey
2 Tim 1 v 7 Dave Godfrey
2000 Years Ago David Mudie, Paul Crouch
66 Books, 1 Author Dave Godfrey


A Good Man Named Paul Alex Legg
A Letter Of Love Leanne Mitchell
A Mean Meanie Man Alex Legg
A Snake In The Grass
(The Fall)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
A Song For Jesus Becky Drake
A Time For Everything Dave Godfrey
A Very Short Song Dave Godfrey
A Very Special Life Nick Harding
Access All Areas Ian Vallance
Ace Foundations Dave Godfrey
Ahrrr! The Pirate Song Dave Godfrey
Alive Nigel Hemming
Alive Aodhan King, Alexander Pappas
All Creatures John Hardwick
All Day Long Paul Field
All Fired Up Alan Price
All I Know Judy MacKenzie Dunn
All I Really Wanna Do Doug Horley
All Of The Day Nick Harding
All Or Nothing Doug Horley, Mark Read
All Scripture Dave Godfrey
All Singing Child Joanne Stuckey
All The Angels Sing Doug Horley, Mark Read
All The Same Paul Field
All The Things That I Can Do Nick Harding
All Through History Becky Drake
All You Have To Do Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
Alphabet Song Paul Field
Always With Me Becky Drake
Amazing Dave Godfrey
Amazing God Sarah Pickering
Amazing Love Ishmael
An Ark In The Garden's Not Funny Doug Horley, Mark Read
An Audience Of One Dave Godfrey
And I Love You (Ooh La La La) Andy Vincett
Angels In Heaven Sammy Horner
Animal Alphabet Song Doug Horley, Mark Read
Any Kind Of Weather Doug Horley
Anytime, Anywhere John Hardwick
Anyway Trevor Ranger
Are You Ready? Doug Horley
At The Name Of Jesus John Hardwick


Be Bold, Be Strong And Sing Alison Moon
Be Happy!
(I'm Gonna Jump Up And Down)
Doug Horley
Be Kind And Compassionate John Hardwick
Be Myself Jodie Frye
Be Saved Dave Godfrey
Be Still Joff Alexander-Frye
Be Strong
(The Armour)
Dave Godfrey
Be Strong And Courageous Becky Frith
Be Strong And Put On
(The Armour Of God)
Dave Cooke
Beautiful Day Various
Beautiful Lord Doug Horley, Mark Read
Before Men Dave Godfrey
Best Friend Becky Drake, Nick Drake
Best, Best Friend Simon Parry
Bethlehem In Judah Dave Godfrey
Bible J Darren Bullen
Big And Small Dave Godfrey
Big Enemy, Bigger God Dave Cooke
Big Family Of God Becky Drake
Big, Big God Jonny Hirst, Geraldine Latty
Bless Tim Pettingale, Ems Hancock
Blessed Dave Godfrey
Blessed Is The King Who Comes Ishmael
Blowing Wind And Tongues Of Flame
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Boing Dave Godfrey
Bounce Doug Horley
Brand New Day Damian Herbert
Brand New Song David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Bright Ones Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Bobby Strand
Brother Joe Dave Godfrey
Build An Ark Doug Horley, Mark Read
Building Alan Price


C L A P Clap My Hands David Mudie, Paul Crouch
C'mon Everybody Damian Herbert
Call Me Dave Cooke
Call Yourself A Body Dave Cooke
Can You Count The Stars Paul Field
Can You Imagine? Sue Rinaldi
Caught Up In The Wonder David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Celebrate God Damian Herbert
Celebration, Celebration John Hardwick
Chicken Tree Bob Hartman
Child Of God Steve Abley
Child Of God Trevor Ranger
Child Of Grace Brian Duane, Kathryn Scott
Children Of Courage Dave Godfrey
Christmas Time Becky Frith
Christmas, It's Christmas Alan Price
Chuffed Doug Horley
City On A Hill Nick Drake, Becky Drake
Close To You Dave Godfrey
Closer To You Andy Pickford
Colours In Creation Jon Bonner
Come And Join In The Party Paul Field
Come Follow Me Judy MacKenzie Dunn
Come Let Us Sing Steve Morgan-Gurr
Come On And Dance Simon Parry
Come On And Sing With Me Tim Pettingale, Ems Hancock
Come On Board Doug Horley, Mark Read
Come To Me All You Who Are Weary Doug Horley
Coming Alive
(Fruit Of The Spirit)
Pete James, Harvey Jessop, David Walker
Count To Ten Paul Field
Cows Go Moo Doug Horley
Crazy Love Steve Morgan-Gurr
Creator God Becky Drake, Nick Drake


David's Song Simon Goodall
Declare It John Hardwick
Deep Down Nigel Hemming, Roger Cressy
Deep Under The Ocean Dave Godfrey
Dependence Day Dave Godfrey
Did You Ever, Ever Think Steve Morgan-Gurr
Disciples Of Jesus Ishmael
Dive Deeper Juls Hollidge, Matt Hollidge
Do Not Be Afraid Trevor Ranger
Do You Know John Hardwick
Dollop Doug Horley
Don't Be A Woolly Head Paul Field
Don't Delay John Hardwick
Don't stop, fill every pot Dave Cooke
Don't Worry, Don't Panic Jon Bonner
Down On My Knees Nigel Hemming
Down On The Farm Doug Horley


Enjoy John Hardwick
Every Blade Of Grass Judy MacKenzie Dunn
Every Eye Is On You Nick Drake, Becky Drake
Every Good And Perfect Gift Alex Legg
Every Move I Make David Ruis
Every Second Trevor Ranger
Every Step Nick Drake, Becky Drake
Everybody Can Meet Him Nick Harding
Everybody's Welcome Nigel Hemming
Everyday Paul Field, Dave Cooke
Everyone Is Special Martin Dodd
Everything And Everyone Made New Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves


F R O G Damian Herbert
Faith Becky Drake
Faith Paul Field
Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed Doug Horley
Faith To Win Dave Cooke
Fandabidozzie Doug Horley, Steve Whitehouse, Pete Bignall
Father Dave Godfrey
Father Abraham Unknown
Father God Simon Parry
Father God, I Wonder Ian Smale
Father God, You Love Me David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Father God, You're By My Side Ishmael
Father You Made Us Ishmael
Father's Precious Baby David Lyle Morris
Father, I Praise You Alison Moon
Father, I'm Willing David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Father, Your Word David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Fearfully And Wonderfully Designed Jim Bailey
Fill Me Up Lord Nigel Hemming
Find A Way (To Give You Praise) Mark Depledge
Find You Simon Parry
Fisherman Song Alex Legg
Fit For Life Paul Field
Five Loaves And Two Small Fish Garth Hewitt
Five Thousand Men Dave Godfrey
Flabbergasted Doug Horley, Mark Read, Lindz West
Flow Fresh Trevor Ranger
For God So Loved Steve Morgan-Gurr
For God So Loved The World John Hardwick
For The Pleasure Of The King Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
For Your Glory Ben Cantelon, Matt Redman
Forgiven Steve Morgan-Gurr
Freerunners Adam Waller, Gareth Davies
Friend Of God Michael Gungor, Israel Houghton
From The Top Judy MacKenzie Dunn


Gentle Hands John Hardwick
Gentle Hands Joy Howell
Get Into The Word Mike Burn
Get Lost, Little Brother Dave Cooke
Get On Board (Kingdom Train) Alan Price
Get Up And Dance Sam Knock, Andy Wallis, Drew Wikeepa
Get Up On Your Feet Stuart Barbour
Giant Of Faith Pete James
Give Thanks To The Lord Trevor Ranger
Give Your Granny A Kiss For Christmas Ruth Field, Paul Field
Give, Give, Give Becky Frith
Glory And Honour Doug Horley
Go Dave Godfrey
God Be Glorified Nick Drake, Becky Drake
God Breathed Stephen Alexander, Steve Squires
God Can Do Anything Doug Horley
God Cares Ishmael
God Delivers
(I'm Free)
God Has Got A Plan Nick Harding
God Has Put His Angels Alison Moon
God Hears Ishmael
God Is As Good As His Word Mike Burn
God Is Good, God Is Great Alan Price
God Is Here Becky Drake, Nick Drake
God Is Love Nick Drake, Becky Drake
God Is On My Side Joel Goodlet
God Is So Kind Nick Harding
God Is There Nick Harding
God Is There In The Ev'ryday Stuff Doug Horley
God Is Watching Joel Barber
God Knows My Name John Hardwick
God Loved The World Chris Kipling
God Loves Me Jim Bailey
God Loves Me Pete Bignall, Steve Whitehouse, Peter Tye
God Loves You And You And You Chris Kipling
God Made Me Bob Hartman
God Made Me That Way Trevor Ranger
God Of Creation Brian Duane
God Rules Ishmael
God So Loved The World Simon Parry, Nigel Hemming
God Suit On Pete James, Harvey Jessop
God You're So Amazing Doug Horley, Mark Read, Steve Whitehouse
God You're So Cool Simon Parry
God You're So Good To Me Mark Depledge
God's Amazing Children Nigel Hemming
God's Family David Mudie, Paul Crouch
God's Game Changers Abby Kinslow, Ben Kinslow
God's Love Iain Craig
God's Love Is Big Simon Parry
God's Love Is Bigger Than A Burger Doug Horley
God's Love Is Wiser Doug Horley
God's Love Will Never End Nick Harding
God's Not Finished With Me Yet Doug Horley
God's Perfect Plan David Mudie, Paul Crouch
God's Special Book Sammy Horner
God's Wisdom David Mudie, Paul Crouch
God, I'm Yours Becky Drake
God, You're Good To Me Brian Duane
Going On A Journey Stephanie Reynolds
Gonna Let My Light Shine For You David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Good Enough Ishmael
Good News Cindy Rethmeier
Good Samaritan Alex Legg
Good, Better, Best Dave Cooke
Goodbye, Goodbye Andy Pickford
Grace Ishmael
Grace Is David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Great Big God Jo Hemming, Nigel Hemming
Great, Great, Brill, Brill Doug Horley
Growing, Growing John Hardwick
Guide Me Peter Martin, Amy Martin


Hallelujah Praise To Jesus Ishmael
Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumbs Doug Horley
Happy John Hardwick
Happy Day Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon
Hark The Herald Angels Sing Doug Horley, Charles Wesley
Have A Little Faith Doug Horley, Mark Read
Have Fun Jon Bonner
Have We Made Our God Too Small Doug Horley, Efrem Buckle
He Is God Becky Drake
He Is The One Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
He Loves To Hear Us John Hardwick
He Will Make Us Clean Doug Horley
He's A Rock John Hardwick
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
He's Jesus Simon Parry
Heads And Shoulders Praise Song Alan Price
Heaven's No 1 Dave Godfrey
Heavenly Father Sammy Horner
Hello, Welcome Andy Pickford
Help Me Be Your Eyes Lord Jesus Doug Horley
Help Us Lord, Be More Like You Jon Bonner
Help Us To Be Brave Doug Horley
Help Us To Remember Becky Frith
Help Us To Shine Steve Squires
Here I Am, Lord Jodie Frye
Here I Am, Ready To Go Alan Price
Hero Of The World Damian Herbert
Hey Diddle Diddle! Doug Horley
Hey, Hey Doug Horley
Hi-5 Doug Horley
Higher, Our God Is Higher Abby Kinslow, Ben Kinslow
Hold On (Psalm 40) Paul Field
Hold On! Trevor Ranger
Holy One Dave Godfrey
Holy Spirit Chris Jackson
Holy Washing Machine
(Wonderful Love)
Dave Godfrey
Holy, Lord, Make Us More Holy Ishmael
Home Trevor Ranger
Hop On The Bus Scott Underwood
Hosanna Nigel Hemming, Jo Hemming
Hot Step Doug Horley, Lindz West, George Mhondera
How Nick Harding
How Come I Don't Get What I Deserve Sammy Horner
How Do I Know Becky Drake, Nick Drake
How Do You Do John Hardwick
How Great Is The Love Of God Ishmael
How Wide Can Your Smile Be? Doug Horley


I Am Free John Egan, Peter Furler
I Am His Child Becky Drake
I Am Not Afraid Steve Morgan-Gurr
I Am So Glad Alan Price
I Am Special Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
I Am Walking Chris Kipling
I Believe Damian Herbert
I Believe Doug Horley, Mark Read
I Can Call You Father Brian Duane
I Can Clap My Hands Steve Morgan-Gurr
I Can Talk And Shout And Sing Martin Dodd
I Can Walk, I Can Run Doug Horley
I Can Wriggle Judy MacKenzie Dunn
I Cannot Climb Like A Chimpanzee Ishmael
I Dare You Steve Morgan-Gurr
I Don't Know What The Future Holds Jim Bailey
I Don't Want To Dave Cooke
I Give Thanks
I Give You My Voice Trevor Ranger
I Have Come To You Sarah Pickering
I Have One Two Feet Doug Horley
I Heard A Bump Su Austin
I Just Thank God Ishmael
I Know Dave Godfrey
I Know The Rules Nick Harding
I Like God Randy Butler
I Love My Dad Dave Godfrey
I Love The Lights On The Christmas Trees Alan Price
I Love to Sing The Kind Of Songs Jon Bonner
I Love Ya Dave Godfrey
I Love You Doug Horley
I May Be Little Dave Cooke
I Reach Up High Judy Bailey
I Remember You Yvonne Scott
I Turn To You Damian Herbert, Trystan Francis, Jo Squires, Steve Squires
I Turn To Your Word Various
I Wanna Be A Blooming Tree Doug Horley
I Want To Be Like Jesus Matt Weeks, Simon Parry
I Want To Be Like Jesus Cindy Rethmeier
I Want To Do What My Father's Doing Sarah Pickering
I Will Always Follow Jesus Alan Price
I Will Not Be Afraid Nick Harding
I Will Praise The Lord Simon Parry
I Will Praise You (No Matter What) Jodie Frye
I Will Proclaim Dave Godfrey
I Will Sing Nick Harding
I'll Pray Anyway Dave Cooke
I'm Enthusiastic Alan Price
I'm Gonna Build My House On Solid Rock Doug Horley
I'm Gonna Clap My Hands Mark Depledge
I'm Gonna Hate What Is Evil Jonathan Rea
I'm Gonna Run Nigel Hemming
I'm Not Just Here To Use Up Air Doug Horley, Mark Read
I'm Putting My Trust In You Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
I'm So Small Andy Gray
I've Found Jesus Martin Smith
If I Jump Up High Sandy Hooks
If I Were A Butterfly Brian Howard
If Jesus Is De Vine Sammy Horner
If We Confess Trevor Ranger
If You're A Hearer Of The Word But Not A Doer Chris Juby
Image Of God John Hardwick
In My Heart Cathy Burton, Nigel Pybus, Matthew Gallagher
In The Beginning Dave Godfrey
In The Jungle Dave Godfrey
In Your Name Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
In Your World Steve Burnhope
Is There A Plank In Your Eye? Doug Horley
Isn't It Brilliant Alan Price
Isn't It Good Alan Price
It Begins In Bethlehem
(The Shepherds)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
It Rained Doug Horley, Mark Read
It's A New Day Cathy Burton
It's All Good
(Beautiful World)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
It's Alright Katharine Hemmingway, Esther Tombs
It's An Adventure Alan Price
It's Easypeazy, Lemonsqueezy John Hardwick
It's Excellent To Be Obedient Sammy Horner
It's Good To Make Melody Steve Morgan-Gurr
It's Time To Sleep Nigel Hemming


Jesus Changes Everything Nigel Hemming
Jesus Come Sarah Pickering
Jesus Doesn't Live In A Caravan Various
Jesus Is Here Alan Price
Jesus Is My Best Friend Vicky Beeching, Wendy Beech-Ward
Jesus Is My Friend
Jesus Is The One For Me John Fryer
Jesus Loves Me Dave Cooke
Jesus Loves Me Tim Oliver, Jenny Legg
Jesus Loves Me Pete James
Jesus Loves Me To Bits Alex Legg
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know Anna Bartlett Warner
Jesus Priceless Treasure Jonathan Rea
Jesus Superhero Nigel Hemming
Jesus Touch Me Now Alan Price
Jesus You Are Eoghan Heaslip, Simon Parry
Jesus You Are Amazing Simon Parry, Eoghan Heaslip
Jesus You're The Morning Star Mike Burn
Jesus, Friend And Maker Steve Morgan-Gurr
Jesus, Friend Of Little Children
Jesus, It's Amazing Alan Price
Jesus, Jesus, How You Love Me Neil Davidson
Jesus, Lifegiver Sue Howson
Jesus, We Dance For Joy Nick Parrans-Smith, Trish Parrans-Smith
Jesus, We're Amazed David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Jesus, You're Beautiful David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Jesus, You're The Morning Star Mike Burn
Jetpack Andrew Regester
Jonah Susie Poole
Joy In The House Dave Godfrey
Jump For Jesus Yvonne Scott
Jump Up (Cast Your Worries To Him) Doug Horley, Efrem Buckle
Just You And Me Trevor Ranger


Katy's Christmas Paul Field
Keeper Of My Heart Nigel Hemming, Jo Hemming
King Of Glory Doug Horley, Belinda Horley, Mark Edwards
King Of Love Doug Horley
King Of The Hill Trevor Ranger
Kings & Queens Becky Drake, Nick Drake
Kiss It Better Sarah Pickering
Knock Dave Godfrey
Know God More Becky Frith, Sue Rinaldi


La La La La La (Jesus Is Our King) Alan Price
Lead Me On Lord Mike Burn, Dave Bankhead
Lean On Me Steve Morgan-Gurr
Lean On The Lord Trevor Ranger
Let Me Explain Caroline Brader
Let The Little Children John Hardwick
Let The Son Shine Trevor Ranger
Let's Join In Steve Morgan-Gurr
Let's Make God Happy Doug Horley
Let's Praise God Together Alison Moon
Let's Sing Praises John Hardwick
Let's Tell The World Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
Life Is Like A Big Wide Ocean Alan Price
Lift You High Richard Gooding, David Gooding, Claire Nicholls, Jonathan Dean
Light Up The Fire (Colours Of Day) Sue McClellan, John Paculabo, Keith Ryecroft
Listen Alex Legg
Listen Up Dave Godfrey
Little Man Up In The Tree
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Little Zac Trevor Ranger
Live For Jesus Martin Cooper
Live Humbly Doug Horley
Long Ago In Bethlehem Alex Legg
Lord I'm Asking Judy MacKenzie Dunn
Lord Let Your Love Shine Through Me Nigel Hemming, Jo Hemming, Nick Harding
Lord Of The Future Iain Craig
Lord You Know Me Well Trevor Ranger
Lord's Prayer Luke Aylen
Lord, Forgive Us Alan Price
Lord, I Love You Jim Bailey
Lord, Our Master Dave Godfrey
Lord, You Forgive Nick Harding
Lord, You Love Me Simon Parry
Lord, You See Me Judy MacKenzie Dunn, Dave Cooke
Lost & Found Trevor Ranger
Lost In Space Judy MacKenzie Dunn
Love Dave Godfrey
Love = Action John Hardwick
Love The Lord Your God Lincoln Brewster
Lovely Jubbly Doug Horley


Made With Love Alex Legg
Man Looks On The Outside Nigel Hemming
May God's Blessing Be Upon You Now Chris Kipling
May My Life Be A Thankyou Steve Morgan-Gurr
May The God Of Hope Doug Horley
May The Grace Trevor Ranger
May Your Kingdom Come Trevor Ranger
Me Too
(Title Song)
Judy MacKenzie Dunn, Dave Cooke
Me, Me, Me Doug Horley
Messiah Nick Harding
Methuselah's Downfall Doug Horley, Mark Read, Thomas Frith
Mighty Warrior Dave Godfrey
Millions Of People Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
Missed The Mark Jim Bailey
Monday Tuesday David Mudie, Paul Crouch
More Or Less Steve Morgan-Gurr
More Than Anything Simon Parry, Dave Wakerley, Beci Wakerley
More Than Beautiful Dave Cooke
More Than Conquerors Trevor Ranger
More Than Just A Friend Trevor Ranger
Mud On My Eyes Garth Hewitt
Mustard Seed Song Sandy Hooks
My All Trevor Ranger
My Brother Alex Legg
My God Is Big Joel Barber
My God Is Everywhere Becky Drake
My God Is So Big
My God Never Goes To Sleep Nigel Hemming, Jo Hemming
My Guiding Light Paul Field
My Heart Belongs To You Jenny Cheung
My Heart Is Singing Loud Pete James
My Lighthouse Rend Collective Experiment
My Very Best Friend Cindy Rethmeier


Never Be The Same Nigel Hemming
Never Gonna Give Up Doug Horley
Never, Never, Never John Hardwick
New Creation John Hardwick
New Generation John Hardwick
No Limit Dave Godfrey
No One Higher Trevor Ranger
No Ordinary Baby Doug Horley, Mark Read
No Other God Paul T Jones
No Rules, No Limits Damian Herbert, Hilary Sanders
No Tree For Christmas Dave Cooke
Noah's Song Simon Goodall
Nobody Knew But God Dave Cooke
Nobody's A Nobody John Hardwick
Nose Explosion Dave Godfrey
Not Kay Morgan-Gurr, Steve Morgan-Gurr
Not To Us (Psalm 115) Paul Field
Nothing Is Impossible For God Jon Bonner
Nothing To Stop You Trevor Ranger
Nothing's Too Big, Big, Big For His Power Doug Horley
Now I Belong To Jesus Alan Price
Now I Know Nick Harding
Now I See Dave Cooke
Now Is The Time Alan Price
Now Listen To Me Various
Numbers Song Dave Cooke


Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Various
Oh What A Day Becky Drake, Nick Drake
Oh Wow!
(Awesome God)
Pete James, Harvey Jessop
Oh Yes I Am Sammy Horner
Oh, It's So Good To Know Steve Burnhope
Oh, The Peace Ishmael
Oi, Oi, We Are Gonna Praise The Lord Doug Horley
Okey Dokey! Doug Horley
On The Day Of Pentecost Dave Godfrey
On The Night Before He Died Dave Godfrey
On The Third Day Becky Drake, Nick Drake
On The Worldwide Express Steve Morgan-Gurr
One Day Trevor Ranger
One For All Ben Kinslow, Abby Kinslow
One Friend, Two Friends, Three Friends, Four Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
One Way Dave Godfrey
One Way Joel Houston, Jonathon Douglass
One Way To God Trevor Ranger
One-Two, Thank-You Alex Legg
Only Jesus Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
Oodles Of Love Dave Godfrey
Oomph! Doug Horley
Our Father Dave Godfrey
Our God Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves
Our God In The Middle Of Our Lives Jim Bailey
Our God Is Alive Becky Drake
Our God Is Here Michael Frye
Our God Is Stronger Pete James
Our God's Generous Becky Drake, Nick Drake
Out Of His Way John Hardwick
Out Of Your Great Love Mark Johnson, Helen Johnson
Out On A Limb Dave Cooke


Password Paul Field
Pausing In Your Presence Dave Godfrey
Peace! Peace! Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
Peter's Song David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Praise The Lord Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
Praise The Lord (Psalm 150) Paul Field
Praising Dave Godfrey
Pray At All Times Becky Drake, Nick Drake
Pray, Pray
(Never Give Up)
John Hardwick
Prayer Is Talking With God Doug Horley, Mark Read
Prayer Phone Dave Godfrey
Prayer Phone David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Pressing On Doug Horley
Put Your Hands In The Sky Doug Horley


Quick... On Your Feet Again Ishmael


Rain Dance Judy MacKenzie Dunn
Read All About It Steve Morgan-Gurr
Read Your Bible Every Day Neil Davidson
Ready Or Not Damian Herbert
Ready To Go Luke Aylen
Receive Our Song Stian Vedoy, Rob Smith
Resurrection Dave Godfrey
Rhythm Inside Mark Vallance, Damian Herbert
Riding On My Bike David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Right Here, Right Now Andy Pickford
Rise & Shine (Arky Arky)
Rise Up! Doug Horley, George Mhondera
Rock Solid Gareth Matthews
Rocky Kids 2 Dave Cooke
Roll The Stone Away Paul Field
Running To Me Steve Morgan-Gurr


S W A T March Sammy Horner
Safe Paul Crouch
Safe In The Father's Hands Paul Field
Salt For Jesus Alan Price
Seed Song (Rocky Wocky Song) Alex Legg
Send Us On Becky Drake
Shake My Shaker Nigel Hemming
Shine Doug Horley
Shine Nick Jackson
Shine Like Stars Damian Herbert
Shine, Shine, Shine Alan Price
Shining Like Stars Trevor Ranger
Shout It Out Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
Shout Of Praise Nigel Hemming
Show Me Your Ways David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Sign Your Cross Nick Drake, Becky Drake, Dave Plumb
Silver Linings Nigel Hemming, Joel Goodlet
Simply Stand Jon Bonner
Sing A Song About Christmas Dave Cooke
Sing With The Angels Stuart Barbour
Sing, Sing, Sing Peter Martin
Singing With The Angels Sarah Pickering
Sink Or Swim Jon Bonner
Sleep Safe In God David Lyle Morris
Slithering Snakes And Jumping Frogs David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Smile John Hardwick
So Glad Nigel Hemming, Jo Hemming, Sarah Pickering
So I Will Shout Tim Pettingale, Ems Hancock
So Many Ways We Can Praise The Lord Doug Horley
So Much Fun
(I Will Stomp)
Damian Herbert
So Much More Trevor Ranger
Soar On Wings Trevor Ranger
Solid Rock Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
Someone To Love Dave Cooke
Something To Sing About Trevor Ranger
Sometimes I Feel Afraid Jo Hemming, Nigel Hemming
Sometimes I Feel Frightened Martin Dodd
Sorry Song Dave Cooke
Speak Lord Trevor Ranger
Special Paul Field
Special Sarah Pickering
Spirit Of God Stuart Barbour
Spirit Of Power Trevor Ranger
Stand Firm Trevor Ranger
Stand Up Doug Horley
Stand Up, Stand Up And Praise The Lord David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Standing Up For Jesus Becky Drake
Star Bright Simon Brading, Anna Brading
Stay With Me Neil Davidson
Step Out Laura Barratt, Sarah Wolton
Step Out With Jesus Steve Morgan-Gurr
Still Reuben Morgan
Still The Storm Nick Harding
Stir Me, Lord Jesus Iain Craig
Stop, Look And Listen David Mudie, Paul Crouch
Stop, Look And Listen Steve Morgan-Gurr
Strong And Brave Steve Squires
Subject Of Love Trevor Ranger
Sun-Deedle-Day Alex Legg
Super Strong God Julia A'Bell, Dave Wakerley
Superglue Judy MacKenzie Dunn
Superhero Dave Godfrey
Surrounded By His Love
(Psalm 23)
Paul Field
Switched On Judy MacKenzie Dunn


Talk To Him Roberta Day
Talk To Jesus Pete James
Talk To The Saviour Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
Talk, Talk Doug Horley
Teach Me To Trust You Iain Craig
Tell Me Martin Dodd
Thank You For Listening Pete Kernthaler, Steve Squires
Thank You Jesus Trevor Ranger
Thank You Lord Steve Squires
Thank You Lord Jim Bailey
Thank You, God, For Making Me Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
Thank You, Lord Simon Parry
That's How Big God Is Steve Morgan-Gurr
That's How You Made Me Becky Drake
The 12 Apostles Song Ishmael
The Angels Knew Nick Drake, Becky Drake, Dan Weeks
The Arky, Arky Song (Rise And Shine) Trad/E J Hume
The Baby In The Basket
(Hushabye Baby)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
The Blessing Dave Godfrey
The Body Song Jim Bailey
The Building Song Judy MacKenzie Dunn
The Christ In Christmas Time Paul Field
The Christian Conga Alan Price
The Circle Song Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
The Clip-Clop Beat
(Palm Sunday)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
The Earth Is Full Of Animals Ishmael
The Elephants Are Coming Doug Horley, Mark Read
The First And The Last Dave Godfrey
The Forecast May Not Be Too Good It Seems Doug Horley, Mark Read
The Fruit Of The Spirit Dave Godfrey
The Gift Of Love Mark Depledge
The Glory Of The Son Nick Harding
The Greatest Gift Of All Cathy Burton, Chris Eaton
The Greatest Journey Paul Field
The Greatest Miracle Kay Morgan-Gurr, Steve Morgan-Gurr
The Grumpy Song Doug Horley, Mark Read
The Hands Go Round Steve Morgan-Gurr
The Heavens Declare Trevor Ranger
The Incredible Song Doug Horley
The Lions Roar Sarah Pickering
The Little Green Alien Song Dave Godfrey
The Little Ones Jenny Legg
The Lord Bless You Judy MacKenzie Dunn
The Lord's Prayer Jenny Legg
The Measure Of The Treasure Doug Horley
The Presence Of The Lord Ishmael
The Promise Dave Godfrey
The Scarecrow And The King Dave Godfrey
The Sorry Song Ian Smale
The Statue Song Ian Smale
The Toybox Song
(All Are Welcome)
John Hardwick
The Trouble Paul Field
The Vegetable Song Paul Field
The Vine David Mudie, Paul Crouch
The Wall That Did Not Fall Dave Cooke
The Watt Family John Hardwick
The Way It's Gonna Be Doug Horley
The Way That You See Steve Squires
The Wiggle Song Christy Weygandt, Dan Leuders
The Wiggly Waggly Song Paul Field
The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock Unknown
The Word Of God Sue Rinaldi, Becky Frith
There's A Rainbow In The Sky Doug Horley, Mark Read
There, On A Cruel Cross Alan Price
This Is God's World Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
This Is Love Jim Bailey
This Little Light Of Mine Traditional
Those Who Put Their Hope In The Lord John Hardwick
Throw Your Hands Up! Doug Horley
Thumbs Up Ralph Chambers, Paul Field
Tidal Wave Doug Horley, Mark Read
Time For The Dance
Tiny Little Me Nigel Hemming, Jo Hemming
To Be With You Mike Burn
To God Be The Glory Damian Herbert, Fanny Crosby
Together As One Trevor Ranger
Together We Can Change The World Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger, Luke Aylen
Topsy Turvy Kingdom Leanne Mitchell
Treasure Becky Frith
Trust God And Do Good Doug Horley
Trust In You Lord Simon Parry
Two By Two Dave Cooke
Two Ears To Hear Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson


Unstoppable Damian Herbert
Up Times, Down Times Mark Johnson, Helen Johnson
Use Me! Take Me! Trevor Ranger


Waiting In Line
(We Want To See Jesus)
Bob Hartman, Sam Hargreaves
Wake Up Steve Morgan-Gurr
Wake Up My Body Pauline Pearson, Andrew Pearson
Walk With You Damian Herbert, Steve Squires
Walking In God's Footsteps Steve Morgan-Gurr
Walking With You Trevor Ranger
We Are Here, Waiting Alan Price
We Are Marching (Siyahamba) Anders Nyberg, Andrew Maries
We Are The People Of God Chris Jackson
We Are Warriors Doug Horley
We Got A Friend
(Big It Up For Jesus)
Jon Bonner
We Love You So Paul Field
We Must Stand Up Ishmael
We Praise God Alan Price
We Wanna Be Like Jesus Becky Drake, Nick Drake
We Want To See Jesus Lifted High Doug Horley
We're Going To Praise The Lord Alan Price
We're Gonna Clap Our Hands Chris Kipling
We're Gonna Rock Doug Horley
We're Meeting With Jesus Alan Price
Welcome To The Big Academy Damian Herbert
What A Friend We Have In Jesus Pete James
What A Great Creator John Hardwick
What A Great Day Martin Dodd
What A Wonderful World Damian Herbert
What Do You Do Sammy Horner
What Is Your God Like Dave Godfrey
What Kind Of Man Is This Dave Godfrey
What Makes The World Go Round Neil Davidson
Whatever Trevor Ranger
When I Look At Jesus Judy MacKenzie Dunn
When My Energy's High (Jesus Loves Me) Jonathan Rea
When Peter Preached Dave Godfrey
When The Morning Comes Becky Drake
When The Time Is Right Alan Price
When You Are Sleeping Becky Drake
When You Pray Mike Burn
When You Want To Praise Steve Morgan-Gurr
When You're Feeling Down Paul Field, Ralph Chambers
When You've Gotta Go Judy MacKenzie Dunn, Dave Cooke
While We Are Still So Far Away Nick Harding
Who Can You Trust Mike Burn
Who Da Da Da Diddly Day Doug Horley
Who Dunnit Adam Parkes, Susanna Parkes
Who Made The Trees Martin Dodd
Who Needs A Boat Dave Cooke
Who's The King Of The Jungle Annie Spiers
Whole World In His Hands Damian Herbert
Whoopah, Wahey! Doug Horley
Why Should I Fear? Jonathan Rea
Wide, Wide As The Ocean C Austin Miles
Wild Dave Godfrey
Will You Follow Nick Harding
Wired Up Andy Pickford
With God Anything Is Possible Dave Cooke
With God On Your Side Trevor Ranger
With God's Power Working In Us Doug Horley
With Just One Touch Martin Cooper
With My Heart Trevor Ranger
With Psalms And Hymns Steve Morgan-Gurr
Without You Jim Bailey
Wobble Your Knees Olivia Johnson
Wonderful Gift Of God Trevor Ranger
Wonderful Lord Doug Horley
Wonderstruck Damian Herbert
Words Are Not Enough Damian Herbert
Worship Song Dave Godfrey
Worship The King Steve Morgan-Gurr
Wrong Way Dave Godfrey


Yesterday, Today, Forever Damian Herbert
Yo Ho Ho Reuben Lyons
You Are G O D Doug Horley, Mark Read
You Are God Sam Pamplin
You Are My Son Dave Godfrey
You Are The Lord Nick Harding
You Are The Potter David Mudie, Paul Crouch
You Are The Reason Becky Frith, Trevor Ranger
You Call Me To Be Yours Sarah Pickering
You Can Reach Out With A Heart Of Love Doug Horley, Mark Read
You Didn't Wait Trevor Ranger
You Don't Have To Be Grown Up Andy Vincett
You Dreams Are Waiting Jenny Legg
You Might See Miracles Doug Horley, Mark Read
You Need Not Fear Damian Herbert
You Ride On The Wings Of The Wind
(Psalm 104)
Paul Field
You Rose Again Trevor Ranger
You Won't Get To Heaven On The Back Of A Camel Doug Horley
You Write My Name Upon Your Hand Doug Horley
You're Always With Me Jon Holley, Hannah Holley
You're Amazing Jo Dore
You're Amazing Nigel Hemming, Jo Hemming
You're Everywhere Jodie Frye, Joff Alexander-Frye
You're My World Jodie Frye
You're The God Jonathan Rea
You're Wonderful Dave Godfrey
You've Been Faithful Damian Herbert, Steve Squires
You've Got Mail Andy Pickford
You've Gotta Have Faith Dave Cooke
Your Love Dave Godfrey
Your Love Simon Parry
Your Love Is Amazing Brenton Brown, Brian Doerksen
Your Love Lasts Forever Andy Vincett
Your Word Dave Godfrey


Zacchaeus Was A Very Little Man Anon
Zoom Dave Godfrey