With God On Your Side

Goliath was a fighter, the greatest of them all
The leader of his army, he stood three metres tall
Each day he taunted Israel, ‘Come on and choose a man
To fight me for your people, to fight me for all of your land’

With God on your side, you never need to hide
Cast your worries upon the Lord and see the bigger prize
When God is so near, you never need to fear
When problems bother you, trust in God and cut them down to size

King Saul was once a soldier, an expert with a sword
But courage now had left him as he had left the Lord
So who would fight Goliath? And who would save the day?
Then forward stepped a young boy and he had a much better way

Now David was a shepherd, the youngest son of eight
He knew that God was with him, he knew that God is great
He ran up to the giant, a stone inside his sling
The stone hit old Goliath, and that was the last heard of him