Who Needs A Boat

Who needs a boat, who needs a boat
Who needs a boat to sail across the sea

When God spoke to Moses, a bush caught fire
'I want you to set my people free' He said
So Moses saw the king and mentioned God's desire
To set His people free
'I don't know your God' was the king's reply
'And I won't let your people go'
So God sent frogs and gnats and creepy crawly flies
So the king let all the people go

So they all followed Moses from the land
Until they came to the sea
But no bridges or boats were close at hand
So they could cross the sea
As the army came close Moses said
'Trust God! He is on your side'
And over the water Moses lifted his rod
And the waters began to divide

The people followed Moses as he lead the way
As the waters rose up high
And the army kept coming much to everyone's dismay
As Moses held his rod up to the sky
Then God brought the waters tumbling down
And the army was washed away
And Moses and his people made a joyful sound
As they sang this song all day

The Lord is my strength, the Lord is my song
I'll praise my God all the day long