We're Gonna Rock

Select air guitar lesson
You have selected
rock guitar advanced
Pick up your guitar
Plug it in
Stand with your feet apart
Prepare, to, rock

Air guitar lesson 1 – strumming
Move your arm up and down
across the strings. Ready, go!
Lesson 2 – do the same thing
but extremely fast. Ready, go!
Lesson 3 - the windmill
Move your arm in a really big circle
and hit the strings hard. Ready, go!

We’re gonna rock this place for you
Loud and clear we’re coming on through
Praise in the house
And what we’re gonna do
We’re gonna rock
And it’s all for you

We’re gonna rock
Gonna rock and roll
Sing out praise
To the Saviour of our soul
We’re gonna rock
We’re gonna rock and roll
Air guitar lesson 4 – the head bang
Nod your head in time
with the music. Ready, go!
Lesson 5 – air guitar jump
Jump and bring your legs up
behind you. Ready, go!
Lesson six - Note bending
Hold a note on the guitar string
and push the string up. Ready, go!

You are ready for your own guitar solo after this.

Air drums, ready, go!