Welcome To The Big Academy

We’re rocking, gonna rock this beat
Gonna rock, gonna rock this beat

From the front to the back now, listen up, yeah!
Gotta know, gotta show how
God made the world, he made you, wow!
But we turned, then learned, it don’t work now
We found it hard to go straight
God knew that we left it too late
So he sent his Son to show us the way
And walk around with love everyday
He showed us love in action
With grace, justice and compassion
Put to death like he was a bad man
But love holds a man much stronger than death can
And three days later Jesus rose
Told all the people “reap and sow”
Put love in your feet, you’ll shine and glow
This message of love will explode

We’re like a light, let it shine
We’ve got no reason to hide
We’ve got the Spirit inside
All God’s agents let’s rock!