We Wanna Be Like Jesus

When you're tempted to be rude
When you're in a bad mood
And it isn't really going your way
What should you say?
When you're told to wash up
Or it's time to go to bed
But you'd rather watch the tele instead
What do you do?

Now is the time to pray
"Please make me like Jesus"
Now is the time to pray, hey hey hey!

We wanna be like Jesus
We wanna do what Jesus would do
We wanna talk like Jesus
We wanna say what Jesus would say

We wanna act like Jesus
Even when we don't get our own way
We need to pray
"Help me each day
To be like You, to be like You!"

When your friend is being mean
And you feel left out
Because nobody is letting you play
What should you say?

When your teacher's getting cross
And you want to walk out
But you know you've got to sit in your place
What do you do?