Two By Two

Two by two, two by two
The animals came two by two
Noah's boat a floating zoo
They all came two by two

God told Noah to build a boat, 'A great big boat' God said
'I'll send a flood, so it must float' so Noah went to his shed
And out came the hammer, out came the saw
And bags of screws and nails
And he got all the wood for the ceilings and floors
And enough for the stairs and rails

Tap tap tap, rap rap rap
Bang bang bang, crash bang hammer in
Saw and cut and drill and paint
'Till the boat is finished on time

The frisky puppies came two by two
The soft furry kittens came two by two
The waddling ducks came two by two
The spotted cows came two by two
The curly tailed pigs came two by two
The woolly sheep came two by two
The tiny mice came two by two
The great big bears came two by two
They all came two by two

People saw what Noah had done
And as they saw his boat
They said 'there is no water here
On which this boat will float'
They laughed and laughed and didn't believe
The things that God had said
But Noah worked on 'till the boat was done
'Cos he trusted God instead

Then 'bang' went the door, all safe inside
As the rain came from the skies
Splish splash splosh, drip, drip, drip
As the water started to rise
For 40 days and 40 nights the rain it didn't stop
And the floods got higher and higher and higher
But the boat stayed right on top

Noah looked out and the rain had stopped
And the flood had drained away
The boat was parked on a mountain top
On a bright and sunny day
Then God told Noah to open the doors
And set the animals free
With barks and growls and shrieks and roars
They all went home for their tea

And Noah looked up into the sky
And saw a wonderful sight
A rainbow stretching up and high
With colours clear and bright
Orange, yellow, red and green
Purple and blue
Noah was glad he trusted God
And he knew what he promised was true