The Wall That Did Not Fall

Rahab looked out from her window
She heard a knock at the door
Two spies from Joshua's army came in
And she hid them under the straw
The soldiers came and the soldiers went
But they could not find these spies
Then Rahab asked for protection
'We promise' said the spies

The wall that did not fall, the wall that did not fall
As the Jericho walls came tumbling down
And the great stones came crashing to the ground
God kept one wall strong and sound
It was the wall that did not fall

Then Rahab dropped a rope from her window
'Tie this red chord here
With this everyone will be safe
Believe and have no fear'
So the spies came back with Joshua's army
But they didn't say a word
They marched around the city and did not fight
And didn't even use their swords

Every day they marched around the city
But on the seventh day
They marched around it seven whole times
Then shouted out 'Hooray'
Then the walls of Jericho started to fall
And the great stones tumbled down
God kept one wall standing tall
While everything fell all around

The spies came back to Rahab's home
And helped them get away
As the flames burned down the city walls
Rahab was saved that day