The Little Green Alien Song

I am a little green alien
And I come from outer space
I’d like to ask: Why did the Lord
Come to this tiny place? It’s so small

Listen up, little green alien
We’re the objects of His love
And John chapter 3, 16 says
He came from above

What do you mean

It says…
“God loved the world so much
He sent His only Son
To those of us who believe in Him
There’s life”

What sort of life

“Everlasting life”

Oooh, that sounds fun

“I am a little green alien
Who’s travelled the Universe
But I’ve never seen the size of love
That’s shown within this verse: it’s so big”

That’s cool, little green alien
God’s made us now His friends
And we will put our trust in Him
‘Cos His love never ends

Where’s that verse again