The First And The Last

I stood on the isle of Patmos
On the Lord's day
The Holy Spirit fell upon me
A vision came my way
I saw the might, Son of Man
His angels in His hand
He stood amongst His churches
And Proclaimed throughout the land

I am the First and the Last
I'm the Living One
Behold I am alive
I am the First and the Last
For evermore
I hold the keys to life

He stood there in a flowing robe
Gold sash around His chest
His head and hair as white as snow
His eyes they burned with fire
His feet they glowed
Like burnished bronze
His face shone like the sun
A judgement sword came
From his mouth
His voice like torrents ran

And when I saw His glory
I fell upon the floor
Who was I to see the one
Who lives for evermore
I'll praise the name of Jesus Christ
At whose feet I laid
Who spoke to me with gentleness
"Do not be afraid"