The Elephants Are Coming

The elephants are coming, better watch your P's and Q's
Be polite, and say hello whatever you may do
Don't make fun of their great big ears or their terrible smell
'Cos winding up an elephant's a plan that won't go well

They might get angry, very angry
And goodness only knows what they will do

They might sit on your bed
Stand on your toe
Squash you flat, no no no
Don't make an elephant mad
Don't make an elephant mad

The animals are coming and they're coming two by two
What a sight, a pure delight, a wonderful floating zoo
Not too sure we're going to have nearly quite enough space
And with all that weight oh will this ark sink without a trace

It would be bad news, very bad news
To find ourselves on the ocean floor
But let's put it aside, pack them all in
Take a deep breath, put on a grin
And don't make the animals made
Don't make an elephant mad