The Christ In Christmas Time

Hurrying along
Buying things and making plans
It’s such a crazy season
Such a busy time
It’s easy to forget how it began

You’ve chosen all the presents
Written all the cards
Hung the lights
Around the Christmas tree
With all the celebrating
It’s easy to lose sight
Of the star that’s shining
Down for you and me

To give love is the greatest gift of all
To bring hope is the reason and the rhyme
To find joy and peace is the wonder of it all
To give love is the Christ in Christmas time

So keep your heart in heaven
Though your feet are on the earth
And hear the greatest story ever told
It’s all about a baby
From a cradle to a cross
It’s the story of the Saviour of the world

Unto us a child is born
Unto us a son is given
Prince of peace

Love is the Christ in Christmas time