The Body Song

We have twenty six trillion, that’s a billion billion
Pieces of information in our brain
It would take fifteen million home computers
Linked together to do its functions
Science can’t explain
How your synaptic nerve endings
All are linked together is a total mystery
Yet we can’t recall at all what we went up the stairs for
Can’t remember where we put our keys

There are sixty-seven thousand and five hundred miles of tubing
That you’ll find inside human being
That’s enough to stretch around the world two and half times
A lot of blood vessels and good plumbing
There are over ten thousand taste buds on your tongue to flavour
As soon as you’re born they begin to die
The life span of a taste bud is 7 to 10 days
That’s why our taste changes as the years go by

Five hundred and fifty hairs make up each eyebrow
One hundred thousand hairs upon your head
These begin to disappear with the years
It’s a wonder there are any even left
If your lungs were taken out, then you’d be dead
But spread out they’d be the size of a standard tennis court
Your thumb’s always exactly the same length as your nose
When you sneeze everything stops, even your heart

We spend 6 months of our life upon the loo
Perspire 6 hundred cans of sweat
Produce enough saliva to fill over 2 swimming pools
And look this stuff up on the Internet

Lets just face it, we’re fantastic we’re wonderful amazing
We’re brilliant and unique alone
With more electrical signals in our body, in one day
Than all of the worlds telephones
We’re a mystery a complexity a complete perplexity
It’s a wonder that we’ve made it through
At the end of the day, all there’s left to say
Is that a great big God made little me and you