Sink Or Swim

Jonah was a worried man God asked him to go
To Ninevah, to tell his word but Jonah said “No”
He ran the other way to his own choice of town
God stirred things up and Jonah started to drown

Which way should I go? Do I choose yes or no?
As God, talk to him. Stay afloat, sink or swim

Jonah thought the ending of his life had now come
All that he could see was weed it wasn’t much fun
Suddenly a big fish with its mouth open wide
Gobbled Jonah up so he was stranded inside

Deep inside the belly of the fish Jonah prayed
God heard his cry, but kept him there for 3 days
Soon he realised the word of God he must teach
God told the fish, “Sick him onto the beach”

Then at last to Ninevah God’s messenger came
Jonah thought afraid, trusted God all the same
“This is no red herring, choose the right way to live”
Thousands changed their lives, so God chose to forgive