Rise Up!

Rise up – everybody now come with me
All the prayers in the house, now let me see 
Make a choice, raise your voice, come with me
All the prayers in the house go – boom, boom, boom!

Behind our daily lives behind, oh, everything we see
A battle it is raging for the lives of you and me
God’s enemy is Satan and he has a master plan
He wants control of every single woman every man

But God has chosen us to fight beside him in this war
Authority is on us to show Satan’s mob the door
Say no all his schemes a big fat no to all his lies
In Jesus name we break the hold of his unholy ties

Hey - your battle is not against people
That kid who bullies, that person who puts you down
That pain in the butt who’s just plain mean
Because behind how they behave
Guess what – Satan’s in control
He’s having a laugh at their expense
He’s pulling their strings
But when you start praying for those bullying, mean people
It wipes the smile off his face
And when you don’t stop praying
Hey that gets him really worried
Prayer somehow builds a bridge
Between the visible and invisible worlds
And across that bridge the awesome, power, might
And breathtaking love of God flows
Prayer unleashes heaven, Satan runs and hides

All across this planet now in each and every land
People are discovering that they can take a stand
Impossibilities can change as all God’s people pray
‘Cos prayer is so much, so much more than just the words you say

Say no to broken marriages, to sickness and disease
No to child abuses and to endless poverty
We’re the only army ever going to battle on its knees
And we proclaim across this planet Jesus Christ will set you free!

And so as Christians we’re called to enter into this heavenly battle
That’s raging in the invisible world
God asks us to join in the fight
To do what? To help other people find him

And does God give us a gun for this fight? Nope

But we’re not powerless, or feeble or a joke
Because we have the most powerful weapon of all; prayer

We are the children of the King and we’re standing strong in him

And we’re praying