Out On A Limb

Zachaeus was a very rich man
And a very rich man was he
Collecting money was his plan
And his favourite word was me, me, me
His favourite word was me

When Jesus came along one day
Zachaeus wanted to see
So he pulled and pushed and squeezed his way
And he finally climbed a tree, tree, tree
And finally climbed a tree

Out on a limb, Zachaeus saw, Zachaeus saw
Out on a limb, Zachaeus heard, Zachaeus heard
Listening to Him, Jesus, Saviour
Out on a limb was Zachaeus

Jesus said: 'you must come down
Come down from this tree'
Don't be alarmed, no need to frown
'Cos I'm coming to your house for tea tea tea
I'm coming to your house for tea

But people heard what Jesus said
This news didn't make them glad
It filled them all with fear and dread
'Cos Zacheaus was so bad bad bad
Zacheaus was so bad

But he welcomed Jesus to his place
And believed the things He said
He returned all the money with amazing grace
And news of this just spread spread spread
News of this just spread

'Zacheaus, oh Zacheaus
I came here to forgive you'
'Jesus,' said Zacheaus
Now my favourite word is You You You
My favourite word is You