On The Day Of Pentecost

On the Day of Pentecost
When the Spirit came
Friends knelt down together
Calling on His Name
(The saying of prayers)
Suddenly with tongues of fire
And sound of mighty wind
Hearts were filled to bursting
And song rang out again

Jesus, in love - for us (you), was crucified
Jesus, is risen now, He is alive
Praise be to the Father
Praise be to the Son
Praise be to the Holy Spirit
Great 3 in 1

Overcome with Spirit power
To the street they came
In languages they did not know
Shouted out His Name
(The Christians speaking in tongues)
People from the nations were
Gathered there that day
Hearing in their own tongues
These Galileans say...

Peter called for order then
Silence struck the crowd
Empowered by the Spirit
Peter called out loud
(Peter's preaching)
From the crowd - 3000 saved
The Church was born that day
Down through many centuries
Hear God's people say...

Jesus, we love You, Lord - the crucified
Jesus, our risen King
You give us life
Praise be to You Father
Praise be to You Son
Praise be to You Holy Spirit
Great 3 in 1