Now I See

Once there was a man born blind
He couldn't see a thing
No animals of any kind
Or even birds that sing
But Jesus seeing this man born blind
Put mud upon his eyes
And with a voice so pure and kind
And power from on high
He said 'Go to the pool and wash
Wash that mud away'
The man obeyed and in a flash
Everyone heard him say

'Now I see water that's blue
Everything's new today
Now I see multicoloured things
And butterfly wings today
Now I see bright green frogs
And small puppy dogs today
And now I see light and shade
And all God's made today'

This happy man went home relieved
To see what friends would say
But they were rude and didn't believe
And sent the man away
So Jesus heard, and found the man
And said 'Do you believe'
The man said 'I believe in You'
And new life he received
And he said 'I've something to say
He's healed me twice today
First, my eyes, and then my heart
And now I see, hooray'

Seeing is believing that Jesus came for me
My eyes were blind, my heart was blind, but now I see