No Tree For Christmas

No tree for Christmas when Jesus was born
No brightly wrapped presents when Jesus was born
But Jesus was born, and love came down
And that very first Christmas was the best of all

The shepherds heard a noise in the field that night
They thought of all the things that would give them a fright
Maybe a naughty lamb, maybe a thief
Or maybe an animal with very sharp teeth

But an angel appeared and said 'Fear not
I've got some great news and it's hot, hot, hot
For today in Bethlehem a Saviour is born
Go and see, you'll be back before dawn'

They looked in all the stables one by one
But every time they looked it was wrong, wrong, wrong
Then they saw what the angel had said
Jesus in the stable lying on his straw bed

As they came closer they were filled with joy
To look upon this very special baby boy
They thanked and praised, and were the first to see
That Jesus was born for you and me