More Than Beautiful

The king was rich, but not very happy
He wanted a beautiful queen
So he asked his men to help him find
The loveliest woman ever seen

More than beautiful, she won his heart
More than beautiful, she played her part
More than beautiful, she was wise and good
More than beautiful, she saved her people

And they found a beautiful lady
Esther was her name
And when she finally met the king
He was happy and exclaimed
'She will be my special queen
With a crown upon her head
The most beautiful woman that's ever been'
And a very special person to God

One day Haman came to trick the king
And said 'All the Jews must die'
So Esther was scared and went to the king
To try and ask him why
She told him of this evil plan
And asked to spare her life
The king saw Haman was a wicked man
And Esther was his special wife