Missed The Mark

Missed the mark, fallen short
Skipped the standard, not as good as we once thought
It's been messed up, the glory's veiled
That's why Christ had to be nailed
Upon a cross to die for us
And all in all to break the fall
So he will reign in heaven high
And give his gifts to you and I

The passion played, the price is paid
Now all that can call will be saved
To be re-born, we now must turn
And tell others of his return
We now must go to every land
Each tribe and nation understand
To preach good news, to set them free
Signs and wonders we will see

'Cos soon he'll come and we'll be home
And then his glory will be known
And every prophecy fulfilled
And every truth will be revealed
Each tongue confess, each knee will bow
He is the King of glory now
All of creation starts to sing
In worship to its rightful King

This is the end of it
This is the end of it
This is the end of it
This is the end of it

And all will sound Jesus is Lord
And time and space will be restored
This is the end, this is the day
And now there's nothing left to say