Long Ago In Bethlehem

A father faithful and a mother pure came to Bethlehem
The time was near when their child Was due in Bethlehem
They knocked on houses door to door
They'd come so far, their feet were sore
They'd walked 'til they could walk no more
All over Bethlehem

The found no place to spend the night in Bethlehem
Then tender mercy saw their plight in Bethlehem
She led them to a stable block
Where simple farmers kept their stock
Where the beasts of the field and the farm and the flock
Bedded in Bethlehem

Everyone come gather round the cradle
Of the king who palace was a stable
Long ago in Bethlehem
A stranger took two strangers in
And in a manger
The King of kings was born in Bethlehem

In the sky, a blinding light shone over Bethlehem
And angel voices filled the night singing in Bethlehem
From the east, a camel train
Guided there by Heaven's flame
From the hills, the shepherd came
Down into Bethlehem

The Prince of peace was born that night in Bethlehem
And kings and shepherd saw the light
That shone out of Bethlehem