Little Zac

A long time ago, two thousand years back
In old Jericho, you would find Little Zac
Little Zac was a liar, a thief and a cheat
If you built a fire, he would sell you the heat
A crowd came to see the Messiah in town
While everyone cheered, Zac was wearing a frown
Little Zac as it goes was incredibly small
On the tips of his toes, he saw nothing at all

“I’ll pay back, four times more
Half of my wealth I will give to the poor
Salvation has come into this house today
Now I know Jesus, I will follow His way”

A clever idea – a solution could be
His view would be clear if he climbed up a tree
Little Zac like a tiger sprang up from the floor
And sat even higher in his own sycamore
As Jesus came near, Zac was still in his place
Then Jesus looked up, with a smile on his face
Called out “Zac come on down now I want you to see
What you life can be like, hey, let’s go and have tea"