Little Man Up In The Tree


Little man peep through the branches
Little man up in the tree
Little man what are you looking for?
Little man, what do you see?

Why are you hiding Zacchaeus?
Why do you dangle your feet?
Are you afraid of the people below
Gathering in the street?

Are you afraid that they'll see you
The man who takes taxes for Rome
That pay for the soldiers who beat them
And leave them to suffer and groan?

Are you afraid that they'll grab you
Alone and without your men
And hurt you because you have cheated them
Again and again and again?

Jesus is coming, Zacchaeus
Coming to Jericho town
And everyone wants to have tea with him
See how they swarm around

"Come eat with me!" they all beg him
See how he tells them all, "No"
He's looking for something Zacchaeus
Where do you think he will go?

Jesus is coming, Zacchaeus
Is that who you're looking for?
Why would he eat with someone like you
Who steals from the working poor?

He's speaking to you, Zacchaeus!
He's spotted you up in that tree
Listen, he's saying, "Zacchaeus, come down
Let's go to your house for tea"

The crowd is now shouting, Zacchaeus
"Why would you go with that cheat?
Why would you spend time with sinners, Jesus?
Why would you go there to eat?"

Down from the tree now, Zacchaeus
Off to serve Jesus his tea
What will he say and what will he do?
It's all a big mystery

What's that you're saying, Zacchaeus?
You're sorry for being a crook?
You'll pay back the money you've stolen?
Four times the money you took?

You're helping the poor, too, Zacchaeus?
Everyone's shocked by your plans
And Jesus says, grinning from ear to ear
"Salvation has come to this man!"

Everyone's smiling Zacchaeus
And it seems that you're smiling too
You thought you were looking for Jesus
But Jesus was looking for you!