Let's Tell The World

All God’s people slaving for their masters
All those years of heartache and pain
All God’s people captives still in Egypt
Who’d come to their rescue again?
God heard their cries, so he called to a shepherd
Burning bush, then a voice from the flame
‘Go’, said the Lord, ‘Take this message of freedom’
Moses went, changing the game

Speak up! Stand up!
Let’s tell the world about the message of God
Speak up! Stand up!
Together we can change the world

Friends of Jesus waiting for their master
At the mountain in Galilee
When they see him, they begin to worship
But what would their future now be?
‘Go’, said the Lord, ‘Make disciples of people,
Baptise them in God’s holy name’
‘Go’, said the Lord, ‘I will always be with you’
Off they went, changing the game