Katy's Christmas

Katy wants a present
But it's nothing we can buy
All the money in the world
Can't wipe the tears from her eyes
'Cos she's so sad and lonely
She feels her heart won't mend
All she really needs to have for Christmas is a friend
Somebody who can understand
She's outside looking in
She just needs someone to take her hand
For her Christmas to begin

So remember Katy's Christmas
When the world just isn't fair
And the joyful celebrations
For some hearts are never there
And the greatest gift that we can give
Is the love that we can share
So remember Katy's Christmas
Say a prayer
Say a prayer

There are people just like Katy
All around the world tonight
People for whom Christmas
Isn't fun and fairy lights
There's people who are lonely
And people who are sad
People who can't find a single reason to be glad
So at Christmas time let's not forget
In the busy lives we live
That it's not about the things we get
It's about the things we give

Say a prayer for each other
And for all our hopes and dreams
And take care of one another
That's what Christmas really means