I Don't Want To

God spoke to Jonah, what did He say?
'Go to preach in Ninevah'
But Jonah wasn't happy and he ran away
As far away as possible to Ninevah

Jonah, Jonah
He said 'no
I don't want to
I don't want to go to Ninevah'

He ran to the coast and he boarded a boat
But God sent thunder and lightning
The wind went swoosh and the waves went swish
And Jonah found it very, very frightening

He was thrown from the boat and into the sea
And he slowly sank to the bottom
Then a great big fish came and swallowed him whole
Which was scary and quite gruesome

Sitting in the belly of a great big fish
What a smelly situation
It was time to pray without delay
While the fish found a new location

The fish saw land and opened it's mouth
And out came poor old Jonah
He flew through the air and fell to earth
O Jonah was a moaner

God spoke to Jonah, what did He say?
'Go to preach in Ninevah!'
And what do you think he did this time?
He ran straight off to Ninevah!

Jonah, Jonah
He said 'yes,
I'll obey, I'll go straight to Ninevah'