Hold On!

In each life a little rain has to fall
When clouds of grey appear across the skies
Time goes by with little sunshine at all
And yet with each new day, the sun will rise
So when the storms of life are heading our way
We have a hope that endures
And like an anchor for a boat on the waves
This hope will keep us secure
Hold on… to the hope we have in Jesus
Hold on… don’t let anything draw you away
Hold on… to the promises he’s given
Hold on!  Hold on
Hold on… for in God we have our refuge
Hold on… for we know that he’s true to his word
Hold on… to the hope that’s set before us
Hold on!  Hold on to the hope
Hope like this can only come from the Lord
He opened up for us, a living way
Gave his life that we may now be restored
He brings this certain hope to every day
So let us come into the presence of God
Let’s come with hearts that are pure
When Jesus died and rose again from the grave
Our hope in him was assured