Get Lost, Little Brother

Joseph was happy with his brand new coat
But his brothers felt rejected and mad
So they went out without him, leaving him alone
'Get lost, little brother, get lost'

So Joseph went to see where they'd gone
And a little time later he found them
But they were still angry, and said as one
'Get lost, little brother, get lost'

They took away his coat and threw him in a hole
Down, down, thump, thump, bumpity bump
And the camel train came to take him away
Crunch, crunch, crunchity crunch

Joseph was unhappy so far away
But God had a better idea
So Joseph got older and bigger each day
Getting wiser, little brother, getting wiser

A message from God was given to the king
Seven years of food then famine
And Joseph had a plan that pleased the king
Getting clever, little brother, getting clever

The king was happy and in no doubt
That Joseph was important
And after seven years, when the food ran out
There's plenty, little brother, there's plenty

Hungry people in a row, feeling weak and slow
Tummies rumble, grumble, gurgle, gurgle
Joseph's brothers were there, hoping for a share
While their tummbies rumbled, grumble, grumble, grumble

The brothers didn't know who Joseph was
He's changed beyond recognition
But Joseph knew them all and shouted out
'It's me, little brother, it's me'

'God brought me here, I know it's true
To save every one of my family'
And Joseph was happy through and through
At last, little brother, at last