Faith To Win

The people of God hadn't got a home
No special land they could call their own
When they saw in the distance the Promised Land
Twelve men went to explore first hand

Faith to win when things get tough
Faith to win when the road is rough
Don't give up, don't give in
And always follow your dreams
And don't forget to carry all the promises of God
And faith to win

Caleb and friends then set off
Over hills and fields of green
Towns and villages, flocks and herds
And the biggest bunch of grapes you've ever seen

After forty days they reported their find
'People so big, they're as big as houses
We'll all be killed, we should stay behind
We don't want to die' they all cried

So the people didn't trust, and God got cross
And decided not to let them in the promised land
Many years later, it came to pass
That the people of God were home at last