Child Of God

I look into the mirror and I wonder
Who is this person looking back at me?
I think I know but Jesus knows them better
In him, I find my true identity
Created in God’s image
I am made to be like him
Reflecting who he is, in who I am
O how great is the love
The Father has given to us
That we should be called his children
O I am a Child of God
The King of Kings, no less, has said he loves me
A member of his Royal Family
I don’t deserve his love but still it’s given
He opens up my life and sets me free
If I doubt I’m valued
I will look upon the cross
Where Jesus paid the price he thinks I’m worth
I’m a Child of God and it doesn’t matter what I look like
I’m a Child of God, I don’t need to follow every trend
I’m a Child of God, I am loved by my heavenly Father
I’m a Child of God and Jesus is my friend