Celebration, Celebration

Celebration, celebration! Everyone join the celebration
Celebration, celebration! Celebrate the birth of a king (repeat)

The shepherds on the hillside looking after their flock
Settling down for the night but they were in for a shock
The Angel of the Lord appeared, his glory shone so bright
Said "Get yourselves down to Bethlehem for the party of your life"

Later on some wise men, looking up at the sky
Noticed a star shine extra bright - they had to fine out why
"A king's been born in Bethlehem", soon they were on their way
"Let's find the King, let's worship him! Let's celebrate today!"

Let us go and worship Him, yes we're invited too
Celebrate this new life, God's gift for me and you
Whether young or whether old, whether rich or poor
Come celebrate, come praise the Lord, God reigns for evermore