Oh won’t you let me see more of your mystery
I can’t explain how you love me like you do
Now I have realised my mind was hypnotised       
By this cruel world, I was lost but now I’m found

I know you’ll always be more than a friend to me
You hold me close and you’ll never let me go
It’s such a mystery, why you should care for me
I can’t explain why you love me like you do

So let it go now baby, let it flow now
Praise from your heart, let it start

Bounce if you love him, if you need him
If you want him, it’ll please him, yeah
Bounce, Bounce baby, come on

Now I’ve seen who you are and I know what you’ve got
Hit the spot and I know your love will never ever, ever, ever stop
And every day I wanna find it, be reminded, and excited
Yeah, by your love
And I know that your love ain’t ever gonna change
Not many things in life that stay the same
But this is one, it’ll never be gone