All Fired Up

All fired up!  On fire with the love of Jesus
All fired up!  We're on fire for God

God has shown his love
In the life and death of Jesus
And his Spirit helps us know it
And do what we should do
Others need to know
And we're the ones to show them
Let the love of Jesus touch them too

All around the world
God is moving by his power
And it's children he is touching
In a very special way
All around the world
We're like a hidden army
Being used by Jesus more each day

Jesus, our great Friend
We are ready now to serve you
Fill us with your power
So we feel that we might burst
Help us show your love by our words
And by our actions
Fired with a love that puts you first

Thank you, Father God
For your love and for your power
To help us do the good things
You've prepared for us to do
In the name of Jesus, we will step out boldly
Willing to live our lives for you