Ahrrr! The Pirate Song

Ahrrr, ahrrr, ahrrr, ahrrr, ahrr
You lookin' for my treasure
Ahrrr, ahrrr, ahrrr, ahrrr, ahrr
You searchin' for a clue
Well my treasure ain't down here, Jim Lad
My treasure's up above
Safe from sneaky pirates, just like you

I used to have a chest of ancient treasure
With golden coins too valuable to measure
It was the most amazing sight
'Til someone nicked it in the night
Much to my annoyance and displeasure! Ahrrr

But now I've brand new treasure, just for me
And rust and thieves will gain no victory
My heart is set on things above
I've gained the riches of his love
In Heaven, then, is where my treasure be! Ahrrr