A Mean Meanie Man

Zaccheus was a tax man
In the town of Jericho
He lived the life of a millionaire
In a big house, all alone
A greedy, selfish, little man
Who thought of no-one else
He collected roman taxes
And extra for himself

He was a mean meanie
A mean mean meanie
A mean mean meanie man
A mean meanie
A mean mean meanie man

Then one day in Jericho
Jesus came to town
The town was so excited
Pretty soon they gathered round
Zaccheus was too short to see
Above, around or through
So he climbed a tree to see if he
Could get a better view

Up there in the branches
High above the crowd
Zaccheus had a front row seat
And he hung on every word
Then Jesus looked straight up at him
And shouted "Come on down
I think I'll stay at your house
While I'm visiting your town"

The Son of God, this teacher
He surely doesn't know
He's going to stay at the house
Of the meanest cheat in Jericho
Zaccheus cooked him dinner
And a very fine dinner too
Then afterwards he told his guests
His left had been renewed