What is playing all about?

by BIG Ministries
Posted at 10:02am on 18th March 2013

Play can unite people from different cultures, backgrounds and linguistic ability. It doesn’t require us to be able to read, write or have a wide vocabulary.

Play is exciting and compels others to join in! As children, we don’t play because we have to, we play because we just can’t help ourselves. It’s completely spontaneous, freely chosen, structure-free and wonderfully all-over-the-place! Actually, for it to be the most fun, exploratory play should be just that - exploratory - without ulterior motive.
Children’s play can be: happy, sad, loud, active, quiet, calm, creative, chaotic, messy, sociable, isolated, imaginative, real, risky, boisterous, silly, peaceful, sometimes even almost silent! (And it is likely to move between different styles rapidly.)
Through play children learn about themselves, the people around them, their environment, their community, and where they fit within that community. Through play too (without realising it), they explore, develop and practice skills they will use throughout their lives. It allows children to be real, creative and inventive. It inspires and motivates.
Play is an integral and essential part of being human.

BIG Ministries are a charity based near Birmingham who love to have fun!  Their slightly more serious job is to resource the church with God-focused, high quality and fun events and resources.  They put on super-duper fun events where they help children to celebrate God in loads of different ways.  These events are called ONE BiG DAY and they happen all over the country.  Check our http:/www.bigministries.co.uk/ONE_BiG_DAY to find out more.  BIG Ministries also write music and written resources to help people engage with God, and help the children they work with engage with God too.