What Makes A Great Big Song?

by Sue Rinaldi
Posted at 15:14pm on 27th January 2016

A catchy tune seems to be the starting point for a good children’s song. Nigel Hemming of Vineyard Kids and the ‘Great Big God’ brand, says that in addition to being catchy, “it must have a good vibe! It’s a myth that all children’s songs have to be bouncy or crazy, though it’s fun to have a few, but I think a good one knows what style it’s trying to be and works well within that.”

Jo Squires from BIG Ministries observes, “Music is a big part of most children’s lives, either songs from the radio or music from films, and so it’s important the songs we write are the same standard as these. We learn so much through songs too, as music and words can be so memorable. It's absolutely crucial that the lyrics we write for children's songs are not just thrown together but make sense, teach good theological truths and are written in 'normal' language.”

The instant-recall factor is obviously a vital musical element but Squires alludes to other equally important factors - content and lyrics. Many middle-aged adults possibly remember singing ‘Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning’ and memories of campfires and lanterns rise from the archives of their brain. However, campfires and oil-filled lanterns are not necessarily the lifestyle choice of our media-savvy, net- generation and the challenge is on to take God-truths and bible stories and convey them with cultural relevance.



Sue is content creator and resources manager for Essential Christian and Elevation Music. She is also an international worship leader, singer-songwriter, author and creative trainer. www.suerinaldi.net