Time For Action

by Sue Rinaldi
Posted at 15:28pm on 29th August 2017

Essential Christian has teamed up with 'Playtime' - who are part of Care For The Family - to create a special selection of action songs. 

Songs include favourites 'Father Abraham' and 'Great Big God', alongside the popular 'I Reach Up High', 'Who's The King Of The Jungle', We're Gonna Clap Our Hands' and 'The Lions Roar'. With exciting songwords, meaningful story content and melodies that are easy to move and dance to, these songs are ideal for toddler groups, playschools, churches and families.

Interaction and involvement are key ingredients to learning and it's great to have fun at the same time...

Sue is content creator and resources manager for Essential Christian and Elevation Music. She is also an international worship leader, singer-songwriter, author and creative trainer. www.suerinaldi.net