My thoughts after a lifetime of pioneering all-age worship

by Ishmael
Posted at 09:40am on 18th March 2013

OK! No messing… as a fellow worship leader/musician I’ve discovered that this is without doubt the most challenging meeting to get right! All-age worship at Spring Harvest is slightly different than in a local church. At a Spring Harvest all-age meeting all we have to do is to sing songs that the children will enjoy and then the adults will be more than happy too. If the children do not enjoy what we do, I’m afraid the whole family will not turn up the following day! But it’s when we go home again and try and deliver this in our local church that we can feel a little daunted. 

Ishmael has been travelling internationally in a full-time capacity as a musician since 1970.  He has written and recorded over 500 songs, released over 40 albums of his and other writers' songs, and has produced 15 of these.  He has also released 5 music DVDs and written many books, some of which have been translated into German, Dutch, Czech, Danish and Romanian.  He has appeared on national television and radio many times.  Ishmael was ordained into the Anglican Church in 2007 and is now licensed to Chichester Cathedral as their  'Deacon Missioner' and is affectionately known to the Bishop, Dean and Chapter and congregation as 'Deacon Ish'.  He was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2008 but is now in remission having completed chemotheraphy treatment in August 2010.  After 3 years of chemotherapy and hospital visits, a whole new ministry has opened up.  He has now become a volunteer chaplain and visits his hold haematology ward at least once a week, and travels far and wide to visit cancer sufferers to encourage and pray for them.