Playing at worship

by BIG Ministries
Posted at 10:02am on 18th March 2013

All-age worship is perhaps a bit like Marmite… you either love it or hate it. Well, I love it! It often gets a bad press, but I hope that with a bit of a re-think we can re-envision and inspire our churches by re-imagining it.

While researching for my dissertation (on all-age worship) at London School of Theology, I discovered this quote from the theologian Geoffrey Wainwright:
‘Worship can be seen as the explicitly religious form of play.’
This phrase has stuck with me, and the more I think about worship being the play of the Church, the more I think he’s totally hit the nail on the head…
Play is an interesting phenomenon. Somewhere along the way we have made playing exclusive to children and something that is much too silly for us mature adults! I’d like to suggest, however, that when we’re thinking about worship, particularly all-age worship, we have a lot to learn from the art of play.

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